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New Jun Kamoda: Steel City Dance Discs Volume​​.​​5

A set I still think about frequently — despite almost turning one year old in a few weeks — is Jun Kamoda’s performance at Maltine Record’s showcase at WWW X back in 2017. The mix itself has now vanished from the internet, but the flash-bang blend of funk and dissected rock rumbles around in my head frequently. Kamoda has shared a lot since, but Steel City Dance Discs Volume​​.​​5 comes closest to capturing the magic of that Maltine performance.

“Flamingo Flamingo,” shared a couple months back, remains the knockout punch. It’s a slow-burning seven minute groover, punctuated by guitar notes and vocal samples that slowly wooze out, giving the song a sweltering feel that makes the energy all the better. The other songs included here shine as well — “Misty Funk” takes tropical sounds and turns them faded, while “The Fine Line” was a prominent part of the aforementioned Maltine set so…yeah, I’m here for it. Get it here.