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New K BoW: “Remixez 3”

You ever feel like you are growing too old, and fear that your excitement for all this music stuff is starting to wane? Listening to any of K BoW’s remixes, even when I’m deep in those moments where you start really thinking if you should give up on logging into Spotify, reminds me “fuck no, this rules.” His Jersey Club reworks of pop songs reveal new perspectives on familiar tunes, turning even the catchiest Top 40 has to offer into something ecstatic. I’ve gotten through many rough times by simply turning to K BoW’s Remixez 2, because it’s hard to be mopey when listening to something that makes you want to break your wood flooring. Remixez 3 continues this tradition with a set of reworks drawing from Japanese rap and Western pop (well, and rap), turning even the paranoid dude-bro shivers of Post Malone’s “Psycho” into a rave. Highlights abound — that Charli XCX flip! — but if you are looking for a little extra depth here beyond “I want to drink a Strong Zero pitcher and bounce around the streets,” it is noteworthy how much Japanese rap K BoW works with here, from speedy takes on recent viral hits to finding a way to make Mall Boyz sound more fired up. Hook it to my veins. Get it here, or listen below.