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New Kaela Kimura: “A Winter Fairy Is Melting A Snowman”

As a Christmas song, “A Winter Fairy Is Melting A Snowman” is pretty damn awesome, none of the cloying sentimental schlock most folks give into as they sell their bone marrow for a Kinect. As a Kaela Kimura song…ehhhh, bit of a mixed bag. When the synths come in near the beginning and her voice doubles up, things seem like they could get interesting, and looks like this might be a good feeling when the beat picks up. Then the verse proper starts and it sounds…cheesy? Not in the good “Ring A Ding Dong” way though, this sounds like a goofy take on overly peppy 80s something. Her voice sounds fine during this point but everything else seems off, a little too much forced energy. Then, near the end, the song takes on a second life…everything picks up another beat and Kimura switches up her singing pace and all of a sudden the song has absolutely tripped out on itself. It’s an exciting rush…Rudolph staring into his own blinking nose and getting sucked inside it…but it last about 20 seconds. Not enough to make this especially memorable, but beats “Silver Bells” any day for me.

Listen here. It takes forever to load.