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New Kamisama Club: “Mamono”

“Mamono,” the latest from wonky pop duo Kamisama Club, does something all of their previous work has done, but in a much clearer way. All the ingredients of this songs feel slightly off if not downright cartoonish — electronics squiggle off in the background, random percussion bangs off back here too, and even the moment right before the chorus is interrupted by a sudden guitar riff. Kamisama Club’s vocal shave always been on the more creative side than the polished, and here’s no exception, with both members coming together for a delirious sing-a-long on the bridge. Then the second half finds everything move from animated to slightly more uneasy, with slightly harsher noises creeping in. But as off-beat as it gets, “Mamono” remains catchy, with even the weirder flourishes, accessible and fun. Listen above.