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New Kamisama Club: “Submarine”

Kamisama Club turn the uncomfortable into joy on “Submarine.” The duo have always been pop fiddlers, creating bouncy numbers out of weirder sounds, but here’s the first time where they really pull off a whirlwind rush of sounds that borders on collapse…but just holds together to be among the year’s most fidgety joys. An instructional-tape-ready voice welcomes us into this world, and then everything gets elastic as the vocals enter in. Then its really off — the singing gets wild, the music collapses, lip noises creep in, it goes through this jaunty section where they show off their neo-Shibuya-kei leanings (and a little De De Mouse, for good measure), and that’s just glancing over it. None of this should gel, but Kamisama Club make it stick just right, and it’s one of their strongest efforts to date. Listen above.