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New Kazumichi (Kazumichi Komatsu): “Deep Metal OST”

It’s slightly funny to think back to the early days of Madegg and remember that the Kyoto producer (real name Kazumichi Komatsu) used to release new tracks on a near daily basis, all straight to SoundCloud. Now, he is sharing a collection of songs corralled under the title Deep Metal OST partially because an unnamed label hasn’t released some of the songs featured here for reasons unclear. Whatever the reason for this set’s existence, it is a welcome arrival, showcasing Kazumichi’s approach to sonic texture. “Deep Metal”overwhelms with bass and electronic beats, creating one of the more claustrophobic numbers from this artist but with a few dashes of melodic escape buried within. “Wind Breaker” and “Houseplant” border on the ambient, the prior using sampled voices to create a lush backdrop while the latter weaves in sampled bird chirps for a sense of place. Even at its most haywire — closer “F*** *” — Kazumichi constructs flickering synthesizer lines that practically leap out at you. Get it here, or listen below.