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New (Kinda) Metoronori: Metoronori Works ’14 – ’18 Pale

In weaker moments, I sometimes think every idea has been done and that all of the exciting sounds from a few years back have just become standard background music for vlogs. This is a touch too cynical for many reasons (usually, I just haven’t eaten breakfast yet), but listening to Metoronori Works ’14 – ’18 Pale reminds that there are artists out there who have crafted their own little sonic worlds that sound like nothing else. Metoronori’s brand of bedroom pop is jagged and in constant motion, but always locating patches of pop melody drifting through the jumble. She has been responsible for some of our favorite albums of this decade, and this set offers a great overview of what she’s done over the last four years, highlighting both wonkier instrumentals and disorienting tunes featuring her near-whispered voice. Get it here, or listen below.