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New (Kinda) Oomori Seiko Featuring Sayumi Michishige: “Zettai Kanojo”

Videos that basically pause in the middle to air a commercial or other kind of brand-building content are, almost always, obnoxious. But damn, is the middle stretch of this upload essential. This isn’t the first time Oomori Seiko has crossed paths with the world of Morning Musume, and she’s collaborated with former leader of said group Sayumi Michishige before. But in this behind-the-scenes insert, Oomori just gushes at the chance to create a video with someone central to a project central to what she does artistically, and her whispered praise and the two’s interactions are the kind of giddy treats optimal for fans of both worlds (Not to mention this being a nice island escape popping up in what has thus far been a sea of terrible news related to J-pop idoldom in 2019, and the whole of this clip being a strong argument in favor of fandom and the joy it can spark).

Every bit as great as the video itself is Oomori’s continued interest in playing around with “Zettai Kanojo,” a number done as torn-journal confessional and bouncy pop calling card. In 2019, she pushes it towards the digital edge, coating both her and Michishige’s voices in Auto-tune and playing around with post-EDM elements (skittery vocal after chorus section! Bass drop section! Give Oomori a video game franchise and access to cool Western producer to work with!). Part of this charm comes from a personal love of artists refusing to let songs just sit finished, and the fact Oomori keeps finding new angles on this number is thrill enough. That she also makes it sound great — digital journal reading — is even better, especially when paired with the bubbly excitement floating up in every second. Listen above.