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New KiWi: “Uso”

Credit to KiWi — they gave a deadline to listen to their latest song “Uso,” which turns out to be a great motivating force to write up a blog post you’ve been meaning to get around to for a few days now. “Uso” is scheduled to go away…I think?…tomorrow, so give the latest bit of vibrant dance-pop from the pair a go. Whereas a lot of KiWi’s material in the last two years has leaned towards splicing modern EDM with something that sounds like it would fit in on a Tim Burton soundtrack, “Uso” feels like a throwback to the speedier creations of, like, 2016. Here, they tag-team in and out of the song over a galloping beat accented by some string notes. No sudden drops, no turns to the macabre, just uptempo energy. Listen above.