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New Kosmo Kat Featuring Lovely Summer Chan And Cherry Brown: “Ere Sora”

Kosmo Kat has proven he doesn’t need to have guests on his tracks to make them shine — the majority of the numbers on his very good Square EP find him providing the vocals — but he also tends to produce some really lovely work when he does team up with new people. “Ere Sora,” released via Marginal Records, finds the producer working with singer Lovely Summer Chan (Yoshino Yoshikawa, For Tracy Hyde) and rapper Cherry Brown. Sometimes, Kosmo Kat’s style can be packed and neon, but on “Ere Sora” he emphasizes space, his signature electronics now acting more like droplets and outlines rather than big, broad strokes. It puts the focus on the guest vocalists, and the airy backdrop is perfect for Lovely Summer Chan, who just drifts over it and provides the heart. Cherry Brown, prone to goofy fun, adjusts to deliver a rap that matches up well with the feathery lightness of the music behind him. Listen above.