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New Koutei Camera Girl Drei: “Changes”

It has been a little over a month since Koutei Camera Girl Drei released Dawn By Flow, a full-length moving between dancehall-inflected numbers and more driving techno and house pop that has been the group’s go-to sound for a while now. It’s pretty great (“Taiwan No Men” and especially “Movin'” are early song of the year contenders), and the trio isn’t stopping with just that album. They have a new EP on the way, highlighted by the title track “Changes.” If Dawn By Flow mostly moved at a dash, “Changes” gives the trio a chance to take a breather and deliver a tag-team rap over a calm and spacious beat produced by Masayuki Kubo (AVV or And Vice Versa). It’s another side of the trio not popping up too much on their other latest, and a nice detour. Listen above.