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New Kyary Pamyu Pamyu: “Kimiga Iine Kuretara”

The most interesting developments for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu pop up outside of the music on “Kimiga Iine Kuretara.” Dig into the credits here and you discover this single came out via a company with the same name as the song itself, rather than Warner Music Japan (no idea what that means, and have no official statements on it so…that’s just speculation). The accompanying video was made in conjunction with Lute, which now puts Kyary closer to Jvcki Wai than Aimyon. Plus, the clip features a segment where a Virtua Fighter Kyary beats up people labelled “staff” (plus a dude who might be the Sekai No Owari guy, at least I hope so). A lot going on here, and it sounds like a bunch of changes for her now!

“Kimiga Iine Kuretara” the song, though, isn’t really a huge departure for her — it’s just a lot tighter. Not to pretend my Twitter feed somehow represents any kind of deeper insights into anything, but I’ve heard a few people saying this is a sort of return to form for Kyary and producer Yasutaka Nakata. Which…that album from last year is still kind of bonkers, give it another listen! “Kimiga” is a better sound pop song, as Nakata loosens up a bit to create something with a little more depth to it (see the woodwind touches, or the 8-bit passages, or the drip-drops — he crams a lot in to this number, but it all clicks). Lyrically might be the most intriguing twist here, with Kyary returning to topics of youth, specifically the power of social media likes and how that digital connection can feel great (another change — English lyrics from the get-go!). I feel you could go deep into what this actually means — direct connection with fans vs traditional power structures — but now I feel like I’m jotting down conspiracy theories. Anyway, the release of this feels like a lot of huge changes happening for Kyary, but the song itself reminds of just how catchy her world can be. Listen above.