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New Le Makeup: Primary

Sometimes, you spend a weekend focusing on non-music writing work, and all sorts of incredible stuff drops at once. The past few days have seen new albums from Toiret Status, CRZKNY and way more. Curse you, having to make money, if only I could blog all day! Slipping in a little before any of those was a new two-song set from Osaka’s Le Makeup. The artist’s shift from floor-fillers to more reflective numbers about daily life takes one more swerve with “Primary,” which features singing from Le Makeup. “Menacing” isn’t quite the right word, but whereas the songs on Hyper Earthy focused on small details, “Primary” boasts something more urgent running through it, revealing a new side to the artist (not to mention one of the more forceful beats they’ve made). “Angles” is closer to what we’ve heard over the past 12 months, though even that one goes in a slightly more brooding direction. Get it here, or listen below.