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New Lillies And Remains: “You’re Blind”

It’s gone from sorta neat to kinda annoying to pretty impressive that the 80’s remain such an artistic inspiration to so many musicians. Remember, this is a decade most people want to forget, or at the very least lampoon – VH1 greenlit a 10-part series about making fun of the ’80s. Yet just like how that show mutated into a strange nostalgia love fest, the music of the Reagan years has also become a “things were better then!” deal. Lillies And Remains new song “You’re Blind” can only be described as “inspired by the 80’s” before breaking out a list of era-appropriate comparisons. Let’s start with the irresistible guitar line running through this song, which could have been inspired by countless tracks but mostly reminds me of “Beat It.” Yet, as Lillies And Remains tend to do, they soon take “You’re Blind” into slightly darker territory with plain-spoken vocals reminiscent of…A Flock Of Seagulls. The rest of the song cycles between those two worlds, with a few glowey synths glowing in the background. It’s influences are super transparent, but Lillies And Remains pull the style off well enough that “You’re Blind” stands as a solid 3:08 minutes of music. Plus, you can download it for free here so that’s kinda cool.