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New LLLL Featuring Metoronori: “Only To Silence”

Welp, this Spring just keeps getting loaded with promising releases.

The meeting between LLLL and Metoronori is something that seems natural — both are Tokyo artists who create woozy…and sometimes dark…music shaped by the metropolis. And both injected moments of joyful escape into their music, lining even the most shadowy moments with hope. And so they’ve teamed up for “Only To Silence,” a peak at LLLL’s forthcoming album Faithful out on March 15 via Progressive Form. The big revelation is Metoronori…in her music, she tends to dart between off-kilter electronics, and often times sounds like she’s whispering. Yet on “Only To Silence,” she steps out and delivers a wispy, attention-grabbing performance that meshes just right with LLLL’s slow-building electronic surge, peaking in one of the project’s most affirming musical moments yet. Listen above.