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New LLLL Featuring Yeule: “Dance & Kill”

Tokyo’s LLLL has launched a new project entitled Chains, which will involve the release of a new song every month for the next 12 months, divided into four parts (and featuring an EP compiling three tracks at a time when the moment comes). Kicking it off is the shifty “Dance & Kill,” featuring fellow Zoom Lens artist Yeule. LLLL’s music has, for the most part, chosen to smudge vocals in some way, which added a sense of unease to the poppier creations found on their earliest releases. “Dance & Kill” is far more twisty, the music rumbling forward at a speed approaching UK dubstep, and the singing fittingly is even more distorted, registering like a phantom tumbling around all the noise. It’s a great way to kick off a very intriguing project. Listen above, or get it here.