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New Luka Uemura: EP/3

Talk about bad timing – I wrote about electro-dude Luka Uemura on May 3, bookmarking his Bandcamp page and assuming he wouldn’t post any new stuff for a while. Two days later, he uploaded EP/3, an ambient-focused release. I’m just now noticing it, but it still deserves some attention. On the previously noted EP/2, Uemura dabbled in one ambient number (showing up on this new EP as the lead-off track) before turning his focus to punchier compositions. Now he’s turned himself over completely to letting the electronics wash over – each track is simply named “ambient” with a number tacked on for cataloging sakes. Opener “Ambient 1” sets up Uemura’s style to the genre, placing delicate keyboard over glowing-in-the-distance synths. He tosses in a few other instruments over the course of EP/3, from chamber-worthy strings to the gliding acoustic guitar that constitutes nearly all of the short “Ambient 3.” Listen to the whole thing here.