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New Lullatone: Thinking About Thursdays

Every week in 2016, pajama-pop duo Lullatone shared a new song that fit in wonderfully in the group’s universe. Which is to say, they zoomed in on the everyday and seemingly tiny details of life, with song titles running from “How Frost Grows” to “Returning Overdue Library Books.” This has always been Lullatone’s focus, and as they have for over a decade now, this 52-week-long project resulted in many songs that could turn heartfelt really quickly (the delicate “A Photograph From The Day You Were Born,” the comforting chimes of “Forgotten Formats”). Matching the span of this project, Thinking About Thursdays collects 52 songs (!), so expect a lot of variety. And really just dive in — few groups anywhere capture the magic of the ordinary quite like Lullatone. Get it here, or listen below.