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New Lulu And Mikeneko Homeless: This Christmas Lovely Day

Welp, the holiday season is officially going, because Maltine have a Christmas-themed album for us. Keeping up with what is turning into a proud tradition, Mikeneko Homeless teams up with another artist for a joint effort. In 2015, that would be the singer Lulu, and the end result is the sweet This Christmas Lovely Day album. The sound dominating the collection was already hinted at on advance track “Watermelon,” wherein Mikeneko Homeless tuned down their wild approach to electronic music in favor of a sentimental electro number that places the emphasis on Lulu’s singing, and letting their normal hectic touches charm on the borders. It carries over to the other three songs on the album, and the pair get downright sparse on “Koko,” a pure piano ballad. It’s an interesting display of Mikeneko Homeless’ music making variety, and Lulu commands the songs with her voice. Rounding it out are four remixes, which offer a far more manic reading of these tunes. Get it here.