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New Madegg: Crawl EP

Kyoto’s Madegg dropped another EP over the weekend, the quickie Crawl EP. It’s a just-under ten minute collection of the youngin’ doing what he does best, which is roll up the universe into a cosmic joint and blast off. The highlight is the at-times-ambient cell splitting of “Fallen Color,” a song imagining what would happen if Fennesz stumbled onto Brainfeeder. The title track and “Filmatra” find Madegg in his comfort zone, “Crawl” being an especially stellar example of his other-dimension stabs at Dilla beats. Listen to the whole thing here.

Oh, and he posted another new song, this one called “Hige” after putting up Crawl. Dude makes tracks like some people eat midnight snacks. Check “Hige” out below.

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