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New Madegg: Her Check


It’s weird to think that Madegg has been creating richly textured dance music for, oh, at least six years now. And yet, it doesn’t feel that long ago he was the opening act for a Brainfeeder showcase in Osaka, or simply one of many now-notable names crowding the bill at an INNIT event. But he’s changed a lot since those days, moving in a more abstract direction and, as he told The Japan Times, becoming a bit more interested in visual art. His recent work, I’ve personally felt, has been a bit too grad school, more interested in ideas of sound than, well, actually making enjoyable music. Pushing yourself is great, but sometimes you can get lost in your own ideas. Madegg, at his best, hits the perfect sweet spot.

It’s a relief to hear the two tracks from his new release Her Check, then, and be reminded of just how great he can be. “III” (below) is a sterling example of Madegg’s approach to texture, a song where every detail feels like rain drops splattering against a window, slowly mutating while still retaining the visceral feel. It’s interesting and engrossing. And things only get looser on the other song (available through the link below), a bonafide shuffler that features plenty of interesting sonic details…but also is built to loose yourself to in a live setting. Get it here.