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New Madegg: “Paper Plane”

1. Madegg releases so much music nowadays that keeping up with every new upload has become a fool’s errand. I could devote an entire blog just to his output, and end up with a pretty healthy amount of posts over the course of one week. The tracks come so quickly…and also vanish just as fast…that covering it would be pointless. So I’m only going to write about his significant releases, whether they be EPs, albums or really really really good songs. Everything else can be found at his SoundCloud. We know the kid is good, you don’t need me to tell you that with every single release.

2. “Paper Plane” is really really really good, and shows growth from the Kyoto producer. It comes in at 11-and-a-half minutes, one of his longest works yet, and Madegg makes the most of each minute. It starts simply enough – some refined keyboard playing, a bit of knob-twiddling and what sounds like vinyl being scratched by a needle. It’s Madegg at his most peaceful, the sort of music you expect to hear being played in a Zen rock garden. The really breathtaking part happens in the vast middle section, though, after he introduces percussion. For seven minutes, Madegg adds and subtracts sonic elements without ever disrupting “Paper Plane’s” flow, this section feeling more like one well-put-together mix rather than a song. Everything flows together wonderfully – the beat changes constantly, including appearances from Madegg’s kitchen-sink percussion, and the synths overlap carefully. The final portion ditches any hint of drums in favor of celestial escape through some Aurora-like synths, a musical passage that sounds like elevation after all that came before it. Listen below.

3. Madegg has a new album out on Flau! It’s called Tempera, and it’s actually a t-shirt that comes with a download code. You should buy it. Like right now.