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New Magical Mistakes: “Annihilated”

Not to be the “my minor dental procedure!” guy, but basically being confined to your home following teeth extraction can get you loopy. I have been living off of yogurt and milkshakes, and have mostly been sleeping and/or watching YouTube videos all while trying to ignore a minor but irritating pain in the left-side of my mouth (which looks like I have a billiard ball crammed inside it). One of the bigger annoyances about this is I’m in such a scrambled zone I only want to hear music that washes over me — no words, or at least nothing I have to think about (sorry VIEWS).

Well thank goodness Magical Mistakes shared a new song, “Annihilated,” recently that is just right for this mindset. It opens with clock ticks, and from there bounces around, slowly blooming open and washing over the listener. It’s not relaxing per se — tension exists just beneath the surface, the first half of the song in particular sounding woozy before becoming a bit more concrete in the back half — but it’s very easy to get lost in. Especially when you are on pain pill eight of 10. Listen above.