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New Magical Mistakes: Cracks In The Surface

Osaka-based artist Magical Mistakes’ latest album revels in little imperfections. Going by Astro Nautico’s accompanying press for it, his new Cracks In The Surface collection is “inspired by the experience of losing connections with friends and loved ones.” There is certainly something unsettling about the music here, as it frequently skitters and appears ready to fly off whatever path the producer has set out for it. “Desire” sees loud noises rupture the song at points, while Julien Mier’s contributions seems as fractured as any sound on the track. Even a relatively straightforward number such as “Hole” sounds warped. The most powerful moments, though, come when the emotion inspired by the slow dissolve of relationships peaks through, like on highlight “Bliss.” Out of all those cracks comes a voice trying to say something, but never really getting it out, trying to piece a message together but stopped by something. That’s distance. Listen above.

Erik Luebs, of Magical Mistakes, also shared a new song called “Losing It” through Boiler Room, which you can hear below.