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New Mariana In Our Heads: “Anemone”

Sailyard has been having a sneaky good year. The independent label started just last year, but they’ve already put out great releases from Luby Sparks and Pictured Resort…the latter act getting a fair amount of attention (and, pure observation on my part, seems to have some following in Hong Kong and China? They are playing an indie-pop fest there soon, and when I went earlier this year, they are the only Japanese artist I heard or saw on sale at a record shop that wasn’t Ayumi Hamasaki or Perfume).

Now comes a new one from the dreamy outfit Mariana In Our Heads. “Anemone” is one to soak in, the group laying down gentle guitar melodies and synth glow. It never even threatens to break into a jog, content to move forward like it has something else on its mind. The final touch comes courtesy of the vocals, which add the sweetness and longing that made the Kyoto band’s earlier work stick around in our heads. Listen above.