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New Masterpiece Presents Imaginary Dinosaur Landscape Featuring Boogie Idol, 909 State And More

New Masterpiece’s latest compilation, Imaginary Dinosaur Landscape, doesn’t set out to identify any new trends or solidify around any specific sounds. Rather, every artist brings something different to the mix, which might ultimately be more reflective of the label than if they coalesced around a theme (a theme beyond “every track is named after a dinosaur”). A handful of artists choose to embrace aggression, such as Rhythmboxer on the swift and clanging “Velociraptor” and Geodezik on the disjointed head trip “Zhuchengtyrannus.” Others go for soft, such as Boogie Idol’s twinkling meditation “Brontosaurus,” while Tanaka Scat opts for a lithe synth number accented by a talk-box-like effect on “Triceratops.” If you are looking for any other major takeaways reflecting larger movements, 909state’s embrace of acid on “Spinosaurus” mirrors a recent up-kick in Japan-based producers returning to those squelchy sounds. But otherwise, enjoy this comp for its whirlwind vibe. Get it here, or listen below.