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New Metoronori: “Jiku”

(First off, I tend to avoid fixating too much on music videos…but I think the videos that come with Metoronori’s songs do an incredible job of matching sound to image. Her music is like creating a world that sounds familiar, but ultimately is just a bit off. Clips like this one excel at recreating that vibe)

Metoronori has a new album out in May, and she’s offered a first taste of what’s sure to be a wobbly set of pop with “Jiku.” She’s still creating disjointed hidden places, where everything sounds a bit awkward and out of place until it snaps together just right. Yet “Jiku” introduces some exciting new flourishes — their are moments where strings wash over “Jiku” and add drama to the song, drama that makes “Jiku’s” one perfect moment all the more stunning (when the tempos even out and a chorus of Metoronori’s come together, mmmm). Listen above.