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New Metrotune: “Pickles”


Note video above not the song, but rather something that might weird ya out

For a while there Metrotune played it safe by just posting Dilla-inspired beats. Now with “Pickles” the mysterious producers hit us with…a Reagan-era club jam that could double as filler music in an episode of Miami Vice. Metrotune’s still slicing up vocal samples, this time a woman’s voice which gets reduced to mostly a series of rapid-fire syllables. The music, though, seems pinched from a New Wave history book or maybe it just seems like half the sounds in “Pickles” were also used in New Order songs. Throw in what sounds like a kid’s laser gun and you’ve got “Pickles.” Metrotune also uploaded a remix of something called “Big Fun” which…might be a radical reworking of the Inner City song? I’m not positive don’t hold me to anything.

Listen here but keep in mind MySpace, despite being an already sinking ship, has found a way to make their website worse. This new pop-out music player business seems to have been designed with crashing browsers in mind. I mean, c’mon Tom! Your social media site is basically irrelevant, might as well not drive off those left. But nooooooooo here is some horrible new touch to make the rats like me clinging to the ceiling want to embrace the icy water beneath.