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New Michiyo Honda: “Chonmage Disco Goes West”

Michiyo Honda’s “single a month” plan for 2011 marches on, this time triumphantly towards the Kansai region of Japan courtesy of “Chonmage Disco Goes West.” The title deceives a little bit – this isn’t particularly disco-ish, more like slightly funky electro-pop with some goofy retro synths added in. Though “Chonmage” does boast some cheesy stuff that could probably be warped into a “Disco Duck,” mainly the bit in the first verse that seems to be a conversation between Honda and some surly-sounding fellow in what one could presume is some sort of dive bar/hostess club. Oh, and she mentions all sorts of Osaka stuff which is cool for someone like me who lives right by there. Though “Chonmage” lacks the sexy digital-seduction of her last single, it does have a goofy charm (just look at that art) about it coupled with a serviceable beat. Nearly halfway through the year and Honda’s little project hasn’t run out of steam yet. Listen to a sample of it at HearJapan, and maybe even buy it!