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New Michiyo Honda: “It’s Me!!!”

More from the department of “stuff I missed while on vacation”…Michiyo Honda capped of a very busy year with one more single, titled “It’s Me!!!” She opted to end 2011 on a pretty bouncy note, as “It’s Me” is Erasure-inspired electro-pop highlighted by a bubbly chorus that is the poppiest thing she wrote in the past year. You can get the song on iTunes.

Oh, and when you go and buy “It’s Me!!!” make sure to pick up the other 11 songs Honda released in 2011, because her output last year was extremely impressive and had she collected all of the tracks onto a record it easily would have landed in my personal top ten albums list. She swings breezily from pop (“It’s Me!!!” and “Your Voice”) to dance (“GAME BOYZ,” “The Brightest Day” and “Watch Out For Electronica” among others) to honest-to-goodness balladry (“Paradise Lost”). Honda’s single-a-month project proved she’s one of the brightest folks working in the Japanese music scene today, and I hope she can keep releasing good stuff in 2012.