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New Michiyo Honda: “Just 200 Years In Prison”

If this is what prison sounds like, sign me up! (Note, don’t sign me up) Michiyo Honda steps away from the dance-centric side she’s been exploring on her last few monthly singles, this time opting for feather-floaty easy-breeziness. Honda constructs an aural hammock using electro-bleeps alongside some keyboard, her voice pitched to be just as no-worries as the surrounding sounds. The lyrics could very well be documenting the horrors of the prison system, using one of those classic “happy music diverting from sinister lyrics” game plans, but “Just 200 Years In Prison” sounds way too content to be detailing the horrors of something sometimes resembling slavery. I mean…its just 200 years in prison, can’t be too bad, right? Michiyo Honda makes it sound a Caribbean Cruise. Get it on iTunes.