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New Michiyo Honda: “Wasurenai”

Tough to call any song Michiyo Honda puts out in 2011 ambitious when she’s already got that adjective ticked off by deciding to release a single a month this year. Yet latest offering “Wasurenai” turns out to be, well, just that. Whereas all of her other songs in the past seven months have clocked in at five minutes or less, “Wasurenai” goes on for eight minutes and 45 seconds. Honda’s rolling with dance music here, though the run time might have given that away. She adds nice vocals to the thumping mass, even taking off at one time to give the whole thing a bit of an angelic quality. It can’t match the PS3-come-ons of “GAME BOYZ” or the overall song craft of “Your Voice,” but “Wasurenai” is a solid dance track and shows that Honda isn’t running short on ideas. Get it on iTunes! Or a similar service.