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New Miii: An Invisible Storyteller EP

Tokyo producer Miii has been a busy bee this month. Besides prepping a new EP with his project The Wedding Mistakes, he’s been releasing a few songs here and there. And now…a new EP, called An Invisible Storyteller. SoundCloud tags aren’t a full-proof tool to figuring out the mindset of an artist…but the only one here is “sentimental” and, weirdly enough, this does sorta sound like what I imagine a guy who could easily zoom play at an EDM festival sounds like when reflecting on the past. It’s still noisy and at times chaotic…and “Chimerical Sands” is Miii at his most tiger-eyed, ready to rip shit apart, while “Peacock’s Dance” isn’t far removed…but also features a lot minor-key touches amongst the wub. There’s a lot of piano…and not like house piano, the sort of piano you learn in elementary school…all over the place, such as on the Jersey-Club-leaning opener “Sweet Love,” which is full of gunshot sounds and bed springs but also some melancholy sounding voices and synths running through this thing…it’s scatterbrained, but never really blasting off into pure joy. “An Invisible Storyteller” features hard-hitting bass, but also a lot of reflective vocal samples, while the most emotional cut comes at the very end with “From Bedroom Town,” another piano-accented song that features a heck of a build and pay off. Listen above.