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New Miii: “Cutie”

After spending two days at an EDM festival, it seems fitting to feature a song from producer Miii loaded up with crushing bass whirlwinds and a lot of electronic tension. When I hear that style of drop, I’m sometimes tempted to dismiss it as being too predictable, too commonplace in electronic music…but then I actually go to an EDM gathering and realize most of the music is just Top 40 pop with slight edits (2016 — the year every single person playing a giant-sized stage included a barely-touched rework of “Panda”). So “Cutie,” with its skippy build and chaotic drop — with some samples thrown in, just to be extra neck snapping — actually sounds quite welcome, a nice bit of controlled nuttiness. Or maybe I am just happy to hear something that isn’t “Panda.” Listen above.