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New Miii: Rabbitbass EP

Something called Rabbitbass…and blessed with album art like the above…can’t possibly be an aggressive blend of electronic-music styles that slaps the listener around like a particularly sassy, sugared-upped toddler, can it? Well, by posing that question you probably know where I’m going with this…Miii’s Rabbitbass EP does the above, with the attention-span of a typical episode of Adventure Time on fast forward. Released on Maltine Records…meaning you can nab it for free right nowRabbitbass both mirrors contemporary electronic trends (brostep, bass music) while being too jittery to commit to just one style.

The title track sums up everything exhilarating about this EP. The first minute or so hints at rainbow-filtered synth pop goodness, but then things start going a little harder until…DROP. Yep, the song plunges off a bass cliff and turns into a dubstep number in the style of Skrillex, except Miii sounds even more scatter-brained than that young dude. The part that freaks out really freaks out, eventually spiraling into what sounds like a malfunctioning toy laser gun. It’s a gorgeous mess of a track with a nice outro to boot. Even more abrasive is “The Hardware Anthem,” as Miii subjects the listener to dentist-drill bass for the first 40 seconds…before swinging into a dance track that skips between sunny samples and spine-wrecking bass. “Are Your Feelings Good?” isn’t as aggro as the two cuts preceding it, but Miii’s decision to make heavy use of the pitch shifter gives the otherwise pleasant track a woozy feeling. The whole EP is a bit disorienting, but you feel great at the end. Get here.