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New Mioriyuri: “Koto Bopping”

Do the jubilant opening seconds of “Koto Bopping” serve to soundtrack the joy we (errrr, I guess I, but hopefully you too) feel knowing hip-hop-leaning, BenZel-bashing production duo Mioriyuri are back? Welp, the sun-breaking-through-sheets-of-ice sounds of the pair’s first new material since last year’s chilly Plastic Feather accomplishes that, and leads into a great beat all its own. After basking in the warmth for a bit, a beat crashes into “Koto Bopping” and this turns into a a time-wrecking banger. It’s a shifty, Chicago-bop-inspired song, the beat mutating in all sorts of ways, as if the song can’t contain its excitement for existing either. Unlike a lot of the tracks on their debut last year, “Koto Bopping” radiates unabashed warmth (the closest comparison from that album would be the ecstatic “Twinkiez,” and this one is way more splintered). More soon, please? Get it here, or listen below.