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New Miu Sakamoto Video: “Silent Fiction”


I have never seen The Neverending Story, putting me in a very sparse group of 20-somethings not holding fond memories of the film or pretending to have big ol’ nostalgic feelings for it. So, to me Miu Sakamoto’s video for “Silent Fiction” is just her showing off her dancing abilities while working a puppet resembling the one flying dude from said fantasy movie. So…if I’m missing something, let me know. “Silent Fiction” the song manages to open up all creepy like with some ominous piano playing and spoken word, before completely changing tone entirely by dropping a hip-hop beat underneath anything. The most captivating element of the song, though, is the chorus – Sakamoto just sings the word “no,” but stretches that one syllable out in ways that transform it with each utterance. Coupled with watching her swirl a puppet around makes for one hypnotic clip, above.