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New Moscow Club: “Echo Beach”

In a semi-ironic twist, Moscow Club’s latest sounds like the perfect chill-out track for mid-August…except it comes from a group who have been anything but languid recently. “Echo Beach” drops only a few days after “Daisy Miller Pt.2,” which wasn’t far removed from an EP. Moscow Club probably have earned a trip to the water slide by now, but at least “Echo Beach” sounds like an escape from big-city rush in favor of sea-side chairs and the sound of waves. This is far and away Moscow Club’s most “chillwave” moment yet, the synths and vocals moving at a slower pace, reminiscent of Washed Out’s early stuff. Yet this isn’t just bedroom visions – “Echo Beach” kinda approaches (without sounding too much like!) Yacht Rock. The faux bongos make it that smooth. Can’t wait to see what these guys do in late Autumn.

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