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New Moscow Room: Suna

Late last year, Moscow Room caught our attention with the claustrophobic creep of “Swim,” a number channeling the unsettling to create something absorbing and dark. Suna plops that right in the middle, and reveals “Swim” to be Moscow Room’s big calling card, a tension-filled number showing everything they have to offer. But the songs bookending Suna underline their shadowy vibe even further. “Melt” actually manages to be even more unsettling thanks to a more sparse structure and the repetition of the phrase “the universe is squalling down on the melting sea,” with gurgilng voices coming in every once in awhile to really get those hairs raising. “Last Call” follows a similar template, but builds to a big climax, to give this release something resembling closure (and…kinda joyful? In a spooky kinda way?). Get it here, or listen above.