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New Nakamura Sanso: “Yonayona Neburu”

Keep it simple, and make sure nothing gets wasted in the process. This strategy got Nakamura Sanso on our radar last fall, and it makes “Yonayona Neburu” stick around too. This one unfolds a little slower, moving at a stroll rather than a skip while also finding time to fit in some Daoko-indebted whisper rapping. But it’s a lot of the musical details that make this one really get stuck in the ol’ noggin. The amount of filtering on Sanso’s voice is just right, while the the way the beat kicks in without ever being too drop-like works in an effective thump that never breaks the prettiness around it. And when her voice gets warped into a digital wobble late in the number, it’s the right amount of unnerving and enchanting. Listen above.