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New Nites: Carcass Of The Sun EP

Only a few days into 2012 and already we have a great release on the board. CUZ ME PAIN artist Nites, which is the alter ego of recent Captured Tracks signing Jesse Ruins, dropped a free EP onto Bandcamp today. Carcass Of The Sun collects a couple of older Nites tunes alongside what appear to be new tracks. The two best tracks on Carcass are the previously released ones, beginning with the opener “It Is An Excuse To Get Hurt And To Hurt,” an icy track where space becomes a priority, unlike the busier songs released under the Jesse Ruins name. Nites’ best, though, remains the title track, a bedroom carnival of a song imagining what Merriweather Post Pavilion might have sounded like if Animal Collective recorded it all in a tiny bedroom. Elsewhere, “Auto Scenery” chops up a sample of a woman singing and buries it underneath bright synths, the sliced vocals giving the song a strong pop edge for a Nites’ tune. Get the entire EP for free here, or just listen to it below.

[bandcamp album=3164174983 bgcol=FFFFFF linkcol=4285BB size=venti]