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New NITES: “It Is An Excuse To Get Hurt And To Hurt”

NITES seems to be hitting his stride. His last new song, “Carcass Of The Sun,” marked a huge turning point for the bedroom recorder – a bright-light sheen replacing his once lonely recordings, the song eventually erupting into something that sounded like NITES trying to blow up the Earth. New track “It Is An Excuse To Get Hurt And To Hurt” isn’t quite as attention grabbing, but the long-titled track finds the artist once again inching into new directions. “Excuse” is icy, NITES using empty space to his advantage to make every drum hit and synth shimmer hit a little harder. It’s a very sparse track – except for a creepy, muffled voice lurking behind the music at various points “Excuse” never adds to much. It’s kinda the opposite of “Carcass'” big sound, here reduced to a very creepy thing still capable of sucking someone in. It’s yet another example of NITES progress forward, albeit in a very chilly way. Listen here.