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New Nujabes: “Yes” Featuring Pase Rock


This new cut from the late producer Nujabes recently released album Spiritual State finds rapper Pase Rock going over a suntan-lotion dabbed beat boasting bong percussion and sunset-ready piano. Nujabes’ actual production sounds breezy as a drive down Pacific Coast Highway, only the hard-hitting machine beats distracting from an otherwise floaty bit of work. Pase Rock, meanwhile, really makes you wonder why he needed to step up on this otherwise lovely song – when he’s not rapping but rather saying single words in a sequence he isn’t so bad, but when he tries rhyming over it the whole package just gets really clunky, that once lovely drive ruined by someone spilling a Big Gulp of Cherry Coke on the floor. Thankfully, the outro features none of that, so you can enjoy the best part for like three minutes! Listen above.

In related news, Nujabes was given an honorable mention shout-out on Passion Of The Weiss’ Top Producers list. Check it out here.