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So OGRE YOU ASSHOLE have a new album out, and it appears to be a concept album about…something, I don’t know as I haven’t listened to it quite yet. Trying to figure out the “plot” or “theme” or “secret Satanic codes” of Homely based off one song is probably a fool’s errand, so instead of combing for hints let’s just listen to “Rope” by itself. It’s a nearly seven-minute-long strut full of alien-cave noises and some slick albeit minimal guitar/bass interplay. The vocals crawl over the tight noise, OGRE also throwing in various random noises into the backing ether for some reason or another. I’ve always been biased towards OGRE YOU ASSHOLE’s more outright pop-rock moments, primarily “Coin Laundry” and “Pinhole,” so this never-really-going-anywhere slow burner isn’t really up my alley in the first place (though, they’ve managed it before). I’m gonna give “Rope” the benefit of the doubt and say it probably fits in better on the album, assuming it really is a concept album where each track and it’s placement impacts the total work. Still, this is kind of a weird choice for a lead single. Maybe that’s part of the mystery.