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New ONJUICY: “Kono Mama 2 Jin / Relax & Chill”

Here’s how you make the most of everyone’s skill and create some balanced songs. ONJUICY’s latest release for Trekkie Trax finds him getting some assists from producers and one guest vocalist, all of whom help bring out the best in his songs while highlighting his strong points. The opening number bounces ahead courtesy of a beat created by K Bow, who takes it down a gear from his usual Jersey Club works in favor of something where the springiness is more like a trampoline than a bed, and features a late song appearance from Yungyu, whose higher pitch has a tendency to give songs a more dramatic lift (see: his recent solo number). Both also highlight ONJUICY’s more playful delivery, and helps turn his limber vocals into the spine of this number. “Relax & Chill” features an icier piece of music courtesy of Carpainter, which helps to bring out a more rough side of ONJUICY (the title doesn’t really reflect the delivery here!). Get it here, or listen below.