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New Pavilion Xool: Stick Around

Plenty of producers make some slight changes to familiar songs, failing to offer new perspective on the number. Pavilion Xool offers the opposite on Stick Around. Take “Glass Streeeeet,” which builds around a sample of Mint Condition’s “Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes).” It isn’t straightforward, but rather the Tokyo producer plays around with the timing of the song (sax to the front!) while also giving it a bit more energy. The eight-song album shines when it does this, from the out-of-time hop of opener “80 Teex” to the sweltering tropical bounce of “At 2pm.” It can get a little too lazy at times — if it starts feeling apt for a YouTube channel called “beats for homework,” you have gotten too relaxed — but at its best Pavilion Xool does a good job blurring time up. Get it here, or listen below.