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New PeachJam: Momo To Jam To Tokidoki Ongaku


The duo of PinkyLab and Jam Boy came together to form the project PeachJam last year, releasing one fantastic song in November called “Suisai Boy,” a electro-pop bouncer anchored by digi-smudged vocals. From one song — well, plus a short intro — now comes a slightly juicier release featuring six original songs, which hop around styles a bit more. This set opens up with metal chugging, but soon pivots over to mid-tempo electro-pop featuring those familiar electro-soaked vocals. It’s terrain the pair do well in, but the most intriguing part of this collection is when they introduce other elements into their sound. “Secret Mind” offers up touches of funk, while “Yoru No Asobi Kata” offers one of the more aggressive electronic songs they’ve put together, a shifty number minus with no singing that zips and zooms all over the place. They even dip their toes into something resembling Shibuya-kei at one point, though the addition of squeaks might be a little too much. Still, the project’s decision to see what they do well is a welcome development, and this set has enough solid moments that make the future even more intriguing. Get it here, or listen below.