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New PellyColo: Universal Catalog

How do you build up from a series of great singles and EPs that did throwback funk and city pop better than most of the acts who actually have been christened as such by more mainstream outlets? Well, now you make a science-fiction themed full-length. PellyColo’s Universal Catalog goes all in on the space theme, though I’m not sure if there is a story here or just that each number is connected by the cosmos. In any case, PellyColo is still laying down smooth and funky numbers, starting from the lounge-ready skipper “Moon” (a song about interstellar travel…he even mentions a gift shop) to the neon-tinted rock instrumental “Star Fighter.” Universal Catalog shows off the full range of PellyColo’s skills, from the bouncy pop cuts he’s been doing so well over his career (“Inspector”) to flashes of exotica-baiting mood pieces (“Penglai Channel”). Get it here, or listen below.