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New Perfume Single “Laser Beam” Previewed In…A Chu-Hi Ad

Perfume aren’t strangers to lending singles to various commercials, usually for vanilla products like clothes, cell phones and uhhhh ice cream. Yet for upcoming single “Laser Beam,” they offer the first taste via…alcohol??? Phone the Puritan brigade, because you can hear about 16 seconds of “Laser Beam” while watching a series of chu-hi cans flash in and out on the screen. On the song front, it’s tough to make any big judgments from such a small snippet, but what’s available reminds me quite a bit of the (stupidly fun) retro-can-can of “Night Flight” off of Triangle. Guess we’ll have to wait until May when the single officially comes out, with part of the profits going to charity for those affected by the recent disasters in Japan. We will have to wait for the next single to see whether the trio put their weight behind chewing tobacco.