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New PICNICWOMEN: Boooogieeee EP

That Kool Switch Works’ compilation EP introduced us to a lot of great producers in Japan – the skittering slice-ups of bbbbb, the glowing work of Exccow, the footwork fun of Poncho and Casino Tart – but the MVP of that release (at least around these parts) was PICNICWOMEN. Whereas others on Witchcraft diced up vocal samples until they were half-second blurts, PICNICWOMEN sped the smooth voices of what sounded like 1970’s pop hits up, morphing them while not sacrificing the feel-good spirit of the original. Though PICNICWOMEN also engaged in the micro-chopping, that project’s tracks on the EP spun off in more directions, simply not content with one good beat.

The 70’s party rages on within PICNICWOMEN’s new Boooogieeee EP, highlighted by second song “Show Me.” The producer isn’t coy about the vocal samples – the very first seconds of the song are just a lightspeeded up version of “Sweet Love” by The Commodores. Then in drops a new beat and the (still awesome) PICNICWOMEN identification sound – then the cutting begins, and “Show Me” turns into another manic pick me up, the best one PICNICWOMEN has done yet. The other two tracks here are also plenty nice – the Space-Mountain disco bounce of the title track is stupid amounts of fun – and this EP establishes PICNICWOMEN as an artist in the same bracket as Seiho and Taquwami, someone obsessed with voices and how they can be contorted. Get it here or listen below.